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a boat made out of plastic bottles on the beach
Sperm Whale Stuffed with 64 Pounds of Plastic Washes Up Dead In Spain
a black bird with an orange beak eating something out of a plastic bottle on the ground
a turtle is laying on the ground with its head up
Why should we care?
an octopus in the water with a plastic bottle
a sea lion wearing a green rope around its neck and head, sitting on top of a log
a seal with chains around its neck sitting on some rocks
0105C124.jpg | Mira Images
a toothbrush floating in the water with a seahorse on it's side
Plastic | Nat Geo
a magazine cover with two sea turtles in the ocean surrounded by green plants and corals
a sea turtle swimming in the ocean with its net on it's back and head above water
How We Can Stop Plastic Pollution
a teddy bear holding a sign that says wake up humans you're endangered too
Plastics For Change on Twitter
there is a lot of trash on the beach
Scientists Search for the Anthropocene "Spike" - A New Epoch
a woman holding the hand of a man on top of a beach covered in trash
Environmental health blog posts coming your way - Honey Gusto
an empty ocean with the words 2014 written below it in white on a blue background
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