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two green frog keychains with black eyes and one has a pink bow on it's head
Kawaii Frog Polymer Clay Charm, Frog Accessories, Frog Keychain
"*Kawaii Frog Polymer Clay Charm* This handmade charm is a lovely gift to give and comes with a keepsake card sure to put a smile on the recipient's face. Presented on high quality 300gsm white linen textured card and carefully wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve. Charm size - 15mm x 16mm Available on - Keychain and Lobster Clasp. This has been sculpted from polymer clay, finished with a shimmery UV resin for a super glossy shimmer finish and durability. Your charm will be delivered to you in
Hello friends🫶 Today I have a late post (it’s night here), I’m trying to work, but my mom and I have so much to do that I don’t have time to do everything I had in mind😅 I'll have more time next week and hope to do more 😍😍😍 #handmade #polymerclay #polymerclayfood #fimo #fimocreations #fimoclay #cernit #miniature #miniatures #miniaturefood #dollhouse #dolls #dollhouseminiatures #ляльковийбудинок #ляльковийбудиночок #ручнаробота #ляльковаїжа #ляльковамініатюра #полімернаглина #мініатюра #міні...
two small toy dogs with balloons on their heads are in the palm of someone's hand
Carl and Ellie Movie up Disney Pixar Earrings Polymer Clay - Etsy
a person's hand holding a small necklace with the word mel on it
Customisable Name/Word Necklace - Polymer Clay Fimo Sculpey III
two pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a wooden table next to a gold chain
Palomaria - Etsy
four charms with hello kitty on them sitting next to pink flowers
Cute Animal Face Keychain Kawaii Pastel Charm Keychain Kawaii Chibi Charm Cute Animal Friends Bag Charm Gift Cute Charm - Etsy Finland
three necklaces with letters and flowers on them
These Bridesmaid Necklaces with Initials Make Cute Gifts