Peter Bolliger, alte eigene Zeichnungen.

Freie Zeichnungen, ohne Vorlage, aus meiner Jugend.
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an abstract painting with black and yellow shapes on white paper, including one half of the face
Eine alte eigene abstrakte Komposition mit teilweise freigelegtem Weltkarten als Gestaltungselement
an orange and white drawing of various animals in the center of a circular pattern on a red background
(M)eine kleine Welt – ein Siebdruck, der vor mittlerweile 50 Jahren entstand.
an abstract painting with red, green and blue colors in the shape of a man
Ein Schutzengel von 2006, also aus einer Zeit in der sich meine Mutter, Sisi Bolliger, und ich sich gegenseitig zum Geburtstag eine eigene Zeichnung schenkten. Ich stand damals unter einer Art "Erwartungsdruck" welcher 2010, mit dem Tod meiner Mutter weggefallen ist...
a black and white drawing of a man with long hair
A greeting card for a birthday – done very long ago...
four different drawings are shown in black and white
Old narrative drawings with single lines: one started with a particular figure somewhere and continued inventing the following figures and details ad hoc one by one – until the whole seemed balanced and the drawing was considered as finished. Drawing and observing at the same time – the result finally remains a surprise, I am not a writer myself, but I imagine, it may be similar for someone inventing a story. ..
two women with black hair and red scarfs
eine eigene Hinterglasmalerei, vor über 50 Jahren entstanden...
a painting with people standing on top of a tree in the middle of a body of water
...Und die etwas später entstandene farbige Umsetzung davon...
a drawing of a tree with many branches and animals on it's trunk, surrounded by smaller trees
Eine 50 Jahre alte Zeichnung: der siebenarmige Leuchter...
four different colored drawings on white paper
Time goes by very quickly !!! About fifty years ago, I made these drawings...
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
My mother, Sisi Bolliger, used to offer me a small drawing for my birthday. (Many of her nice small drawings are presented on In return, I used to offer her a small drawing for her birthday as well like this example. For many years once a year, these birthday-presents for my mother, where the only occasion, I made "art" as for many years I was more than occupied making our living as independent graphic designer.
four black and white drawings on paper
Vier alte Zeichnungen aus der Fantasie statt ab Modell gezeichnet.
four different colored drawings on white paper
Als ich um 20 war, zeichnete ich selber viel – diese Zeichnungen liegen weit zurück...
a drawing of cats in the middle of a circle
Eine weitere alte Strichzeichnung