Crazy Hollis, an US outsider artist

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a drawing of a man with words written on it
a painting of a man and woman holding up wine bottles in front of a cityscape
the wizard of oz is depicted in this art work, which features an image of two people and a cat
an image of a painting with animals on it's face and buildings in the background
a drawing with black and white ink on paper, depicting three men in medieval costumes
a painting of a woman holding a book in front of a dog and cat with the words, come to the lord, please him
a black and white drawing of a man with words on it
an image of people dancing with their hands in the air
an image of a woman surrounded by birds and other things in her hands, painted on wood with acrylic paint
a painting with many different faces on it
a drawing of two women in different colors and shapes, one with her head above the other's head
an abstract painting with yellow and black lines on the bottom, and two images of people in
an art work with people and flowers on it
a drawing of a woman standing next to a man with a guitar in his hand