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an empty sidewalk next to a brick building with large windows on both sides and a clock tower in the background
АРМА, бывший Московский Газовый завод, г. Москва
a large building with many windows on the outside
an empty parking meter in front of a brick building with glass doors and windows on both sides
In Progress Archive | CID | Multifamily & Hospitality Interior Design
three windows on the side of a brick building with black frames and glass doors in front of them
Superimpose turns Chinese revolutionary factory into exhibition centre
a person walking in front of a building with columns on the outside and snow on the ground
Gallery of Rigaud City Hall / Affleck de la Riva architects - 7
an artist's rendering of the entrance to a building with trees and grass around it
a large building with stairs leading up to it
a large building with many windows on the side of it's face and grass in front of it
University of Arkansas, University Housing / Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects
an office building with large glass windows on the front and side of it's facade
the exterior of a modern building with steam coming out of the ground and windows on each side
an entrance to a modern building with steps leading up to the front door and entry way
Gallery of Des Moines Municipal Services Center / Neumann Monson Architects - 6