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several different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
Playful Colorful Memphis Pendants Cluster to Create Bold Hues and Geometric Designs
German for 'being bold," Schneid Lighting creates elegant, mindful fixtures that meet the modern Zeitgeist. Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes, Schneid transforms interiors. Schneid believes in the significance of a combination of craftsmanship and modern design. Featuring vibrant wood, harvested under sustainability managed forestry, Schneid fixtures represent the importance of good design as well as ecological responsibility.
three light bulbs hanging from a wooden chandelier
Bright Beads - 3 Cluster - Pendant lights - product images of
several wooden lights hanging from the ceiling
Modern Home Decor Hanging Lights Design Ideas 2022 | Hanging Lights in Living Room | Hanging Lights
two different views of a lamp on top of a dresser
My entry, “Sticky Lamp,” is made from rolled pieces of tape stuck together to form an organic spherical shape. I’ve seen lamps and pendants made using cylinders before, so I thought the tape might work, too. I love the way it diffuses the light and casts great shadows. — Giselle
six different colored paper lamps hanging from strings
Paola Paronetto combines paper and clay to create delicate vessels
a person is trying to connect two wires in the same circle with each other on one end
Fancy Schmancy Chandelier
the ambitious procrastinator: Fancy Schmancy Chandelier
two women are working together to make a woven basket with yarn and scissors on the table
Story & Studio - Naomi Paul
a bunch of knitted lamps hanging from the ceiling
ELPELUT | Shop | Amsterdam - Ibiza
Fishermanslamp • Sea Green | elpelut