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a drawing of mickey mouse holding onto a black bag
Mickey Mouse fête ses 90 ans...
a man sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone and drinking from a can
Je tiens bon !
two people talking to each other with speech bubbles above them that say no to cryba
Un peu de tendresse et d'ironie. - Créations sur toutes ses formes.
a black and white photo with a woman eating food
Plan rencontre
a black and white panda holding a tennis racquet in its paws with the words,
Détruire le racisme...
a koala bear with its mouth open and tongue out next to another koala bear
Le pauvre !
a person holding up a piece of paper in front of a store
Laissez parler les petits papiers... : Photos
Citations Sympa, Bonheur, Prose, Esprit, Oran
a man in a priest's robes with the caption saying, i'm not
😊 Comment passer une journée idéale : en augmentant ses moments fun ?