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two people walking on the beach near an ocean and grassy area with trees in the foreground
Félix Vallotton, le peintre de l'ambigu
a painting of a man standing on top of a hill
four different types of potted plants in various stages of growth, from top to bottom
LittlePaperPlanes - Windows PC, Mobile, Financial and Technology Solutions
Dan-ah Kim on the LPP blog. all images via the artist.
an old black and white drawing of two cats sleeping on a window sill with their heads down
"Cats" by John Nash (wood engraving)
the supreme magazine cover with a snake on it
katie scott
s l i t h e r
a drawing of a woman on top of a bicycle
exquiste corpse: surrealism and the black dahlia
André Breton, Man Ray, Max Morise and Yves Tanguy "Cadavre Exquis" (Exquisite Corpse) 1927
a drawing of a person sitting in a car looking at something on the floor and inside
reminds me of my fav french scary black-and-white...
Rohan Eason
a painting with a skeleton and a person pointing at it's own hand in front of a tree
Rie Yamashina
four people are sitting on a couch with cats and birds in the room behind them