First grade set up

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a door decorated with a cartoon bird saying the prison wants to read a good book
Pigeon door decoration
a cartoon girl with blonde hair standing in front of clouds
Costumes, Halloween, Teachers, Dressing, Teachers Halloween, Teacher Halloween Costumes, Book Character Day, School, Students
The Best Literary Halloween Costumes for Teachers
a poster with the words how to turn and talk
PRINTABLE -- How to Turn and Talk
Getting your students to Turn and Talk is a great way to have all students engaged in conversation at the same time.
there are many different items in this classroom to help students learn how to use them
Why Flexible Seating Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing
Are you looking for affordable flexible seating ideas for your elementary classroom but don't know where to begin? I can't wait to share tricks for alternative seating management, creating routines, and flexible seating storage tips. My first grade classroom is full of fun seating options on a budget, all while having to work with traditional desks and chairs! This doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Ready to take some baby steps towards a classroom transformation?
a poster with different types of chairs and stools for kids to play with in the house
Flexible Seating - Is it for you? – The Wright Nook
Have you been thinking about flexible seating? Here is some information on it. Perfect for any classroom!
five plastic containers with labels on them sitting on a black countertop in front of the words table trash
Table Trash Bins FREEBIE!
Table Trash Bins FREEBIE - classroom management idea