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a multicolored box sitting on the ground in front of an escalator
Stadsmakerscongres Rotterdam
a white sign that reads study on it's side against a wall covered in dots
London College of Communication
Detail of the two plates with fixings
there is a sign on the wall that indicates directions
a white sign hanging from the side of a building
Norma - Mindsparkle Mag
Norma - Mindsparkle Mag
a man standing in front of a green wall next to a sign that says meeting room private offices
Dark Side of Typography
several signs are posted on the side of a building, indicating where to live and how to record
hellome_rbma_funkhaussignage_5-1-1280x1810.jpg | is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.
an assortment of different types of boxes on a wooden table with the words anc printed on them
No Manga is an Island
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Kodansha by Gretel
there are three signs on the wall that say tower block, lecture theatre c and tg02
London College of Communication
Prototypes of the signage
there is a purple and green box on the stair case at the bottom of some stairs
Kurppa Hosk Wayfinding, signage
three boxes stacked on top of each other with arrows pointing to different locations in the same direction
Kurppa Hosk Wayfinding, signage
a green sign hanging on the side of a white wall next to a black arrow
Back to Basics
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two pieces of paper on the wall next to each other with arrows pointing in different directions
Kurppa Hosk Wayfinding, signage