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four wooden cutouts of women in different colors and sizes, each with an individual's body
2013 Dichroic by Design Contest Winners
a group of people standing in front of each other with different colored paint on them
Staand object "Family" - Galerie Marijke Kuiphuis
a circular stained glass window with blue and green colors
a circular stained glass window with blue and green waves in the center, on top of a wooden table
a close up view of a stained glass window with blue and gold swirls on it
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two pieces of glass sitting on top of a white table with blue and green designs
Pin by Lorena Mordazzi on Vitrofusion
Pin by Lorena Mordazzi on Vitrofusion
an abstract blue painting with red fish on it's sides and water droplets on the surface
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Bring the ocean home with these stunning wall panels! These art pieces are hand crafted in fused glass with coloured pigments and foils creating unique textures and designs. Enjoy watching the fish swim amongst the swirling waves! Hang the panels in an entrance hall, bathroom, study or breakfast nook for a fun and fanciful décor look. Be inspired and let your creativity flow! Mix and match the panels with others from our ocean themed collection to create a stunning display. Size H70cm x W20cm...
a stained glass window with seashells and starfish on the outside, hanging from a wooden fence
GOG sea scspe
a starfish and sea glass in a frame
a tree made out of glass sitting in front of a window
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three different stained glass panels with flowers and birds on them, one in the center
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three glass flowers are in a cage on the ground
Repurpose Stained Glass Mosaic Window Glass Plate by ARTfulSalvage, $300.00