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two bonsai trees in large planters on the outside of a building with people walking by
Atelier Vierkant
Atelier Vierkant U 100 39.4"w x 28.3" h $1,373
a stack of white bowls sitting on top of a black table next to each other
Atelier Vierkant UF80 zwart
Atelier Vierkant UF80 zwart
two large planters sitting next to each other
Big Picture
Atelier Vierkant large-scale versions of its UF model planters in white, which were planted with ornamental grasses. [Promotional Pin]
two large planters sitting on pallets in front of a building
Atelier Vierkant | Pflanzgefäße & mehr
Atelier Vierkant Sonderanfertigung
three cement planters with grass in them sitting on a wooden deck next to a wall
Atelier Vierkant | Pflanzgefäße & mehr
Atelier Vierkant
some very pretty plants and rocks in the grass by some big planter's
Projekte | Atelier Vierkant | Pflanzkübel | Pflanztöpfe
So schöne Töpfe kommen auch ohne Bepflanzung aus!
a garden with hedges and flowers in it
Gate flanked by Hydr... stock photo by Elke Borkowski, Image: 0337297
Hydrangeas in front of evergreen hedge
a white couch sitting in the middle of a lush green yard with potted plants
Nouvelle Angleterre en Suède
het grind zouden tegels moeten zijn voor onze jongste maar combi gras, smalle tegel, brede tegel en de haag vind ik prachtig romantisch en stijlvol en dan ipv dit bankje de twee stoelen van le sud erbij.