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a red fire hydrant sitting in the grass next to a wooden building with peeling paint on it
Homemade Toe Jack
Homemade toe jack constructed from 1/4" steel plate and powered by a 25-ton hydraulic ram.
a blue machine sitting on top of a table next to a wrench and other tools
How I made a toe jack and skates
How I made a toe jack and skates
an open storage cabinet with a propane tank in it
25 Best Garage Workshop Ideas -
a metal table with some wires attached to it and a car parked in the background
Welding Table
Welding Table More
a workbench filled with tools and supplies
Storing Your Compact Compressor
store your nail guns, fasteners, hoses and accessories as well as a small compressor in this easy-to-build cabinet. build it from one sheet of plywood and a few 1x2s.
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a pair of scissors that are on top of a comb and next to a piece of paper
Автоматический молоток (auto hammer)-удивительный проект Майкла Девида Янга, над которым он работал на протяжении шести лет с момента…