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a wooden nutcracker with nuts in it and the words, big screw nutcracker
Big Screw Nutcracker
This nutcracker design is easy and satisfying to use. It will break open tough nuts with a smooth turning action and offers exquisite control. #woodworking #workshop #woodshop #holiday #decorative #lathe #party #winter #Christmas
an open notebook with drawings and instructions on how to use the device in this case
58 years old secret Abdel box (Roy Underhill!) now with...
58 years old secret Abdel box (Roy Underhill!) now with drawing!
four wooden puzzles are shown in three different ways
Four T Puzzle
Four T Puzzle #woodworking #toy #puzzle
the letters c, d and e are made out of pink wood blocks on a table
Holz, Puzzle "Teufelsknoten", Schülerarbeit: So müssen die drei Teile aussehen.
the wooden phone holder is attached to a cellphone and has multiple compartments for it
Bamboo Adjustable Multi-Angle Cell Phone iPad Stand Holder
Foldable and Portable Bamboo Wooden Adjustable Multi-Angle Cell Phone iPhone iPad Folding Stand Holder for Apple iPhone iPad & Smart Phone
a mason jar and wooden coasters on a white background with the lid open to reveal an empty square
Gumball machine
Just a few pieces of pine and an old mason jar will give you a great homemade gumball machine.
four different pictures of various items made out of wood, including cups and saucers
Lustige Eierbecher aus Holz – Ostergeschenke von Hop&Peck
lustige eierbecher aus holz ostergeschenke Hop&Peck ostereier halter
the instructions for making a wooden birdhouse with balloons in it and other items to assemble
Gumball machine
Gumball machine – Canadian Home Workshop. It gives me ideas on how to make such a dispenser with a laser machine...