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an oil painting of a road with power lines in the distance and colorful clouds above
Grant Haffner
The acrylic road paintings of Grant Haffner.
an image of a painting made with colored glass on the wall and in the ceiling
Incredible Shadow Paintings by Rashad Alakbarov
the reflection of lights in the water is very blurry and shows off bright colors
an oil painting of trees with blue sky in the background and orange leaves on them
SunsetCypressCypress SunsetSunsetCypress
an orange sky with trees without leaves in the foreground
Peter Solarz
an oil painting of trees and grass
Arbor of Light
Arbor of Light - Official Website
a painting of trees and rocks in the snow
a man with long hair and beard sitting in a field next to a body of water
a drawing of trees and shadows on the ground