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Information is Beautiful on the books everyone must read
A few still to read :)
the book cover for mastering the rockefeller habit
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 20th Edition: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm
A must for all entrepreneurs
the cover of atlas slinkndii's novel, atlas slinkndii
Atlas Shrugged Classic & Timely!
the book cover for watership down by richard adams
Watership Down (book)
Watership Down de Richard Adams
the tipping point how little things can make a big difference
An interesting read alongside "blink".
the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald, illustrated by henry whitlock
F. Scott Fitzgerald. A classic.
the life of pi by van martel, illustrated by tomishay torrangc
Life of Pi. Yann Martel. This book enthralled me. Original, smart with a quirky twist.
the white tiger by arvind adiga tiger, written in pink and orange
A must read for anyone interested in how the rifts in the class system in a fast growing economy like India function (or don't function).
the book cover for to kill a mockingbird by harper lee is displayed on an iphone
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson on tuesdays with morrie
Mitch Albom: Also great wise read.
the five people you meet in heaven by mitch alborn, author of the five people you met in heaven
Books by Mitch Albom » Mitch Albom
Was a precious gift & a beautiful read.