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a bowl filled with different types of vegetables
there are several pieces of chicken in a plastic container on the table with information about it
Aneka bumbu marinasi ayam - resep masakan ibu
Aneka bumbu marinasi ayam - resep masakan ibu
a plastic container filled with food on top of a wooden table
Sweet Crepes
This is a simple, foolproof, and tasty Sweet Crepes recipe. Follow my step-by-step photos or video instructions to make this scrumptious treat at home.I make these Sweet Crepes for breakfast every Sunday. They are so easy to make (Yes, EASY!) and so versatile. #crepes #breakfast #lunch #brunch #eggs #recipeoftheday
Viral Milk toast Recipe
Credit: @foodiechina888 on Youtube This popular Milk Toast recipe is essentially a variation of French toast without eggs or sugar, and it's a hit with my children! Delight in this delicious treat! #viralrecipe #milktoast #egglessmilktoast
Pink Lemonade Slushie
A sweet frozen strawberry lemonade slushie to keep you cooled off on those hot days, or enjoy any time of the year.
8 Ways to Hack an Ice Tray
From making easy ravioli and chocolate bars, to preserving herbs and wine, ice cube trays are incredibly useful.
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5 Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes Anyone Can Make