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an abstract painting with black, red and white lines on the bottom half of it
No Brash Festivity
an abstract design with black and red colors
red and black photograph of cranes with the word dynamite on it's back side
Галерея ВХУТЕМАС :: Архплатформа
an advertisement for a bike shop with bicycles on it's back and front sides
Типографика и верстка | Typography and layout
a man talking on a cell phone while standing in front of a wall with graffiti
Illustration For NPLH Football Magazine
a red circle and two black circles on a white background
an abstract painting with black, red and white circles
Circles and Outlined Posters by Atelier Cph
a collage of images with the words visual voice and an image of a man's head
Inspirational Modern Constructivist Posters
an old book with black and white images on it's cover, titled field & co
Russian Graphic Design: Drawing on Constructivism
an advertisement for art speaks featuring two mouths
AIGA: Art Chantry
a man in a suit and tie with an abstract background
dreamer | collages