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a mountain covered in fog at sunset
Sunrise and morning fog | Mount Fuji | Japan
lanterns floating in the water at sunset
Lanternes japonaises sur l'eau
the view of mount fuji in the distance with cherry blossoms blooming all around it
Mont Fuji, au Japon
a stone buddha statue sitting next to a tree
"Encore et encore"... - anemomili
a rock with the words good luck written on it surrounded by rocks and stones that spell out chinese characters
Five elements of Feng Shui - Times of India
While making a home, knowing the positives and negatives might be carefully considered. Feng Shui is one of the most trusted way to keep the energies in your house pleasant.
Jung's model of the psyche / Sacred Geometry <3 Personality Types, Carl Jung, Anima And Animus, Carl Jung Quotes, Jungian Psychology, Spirit Science, Inner World, Shadow Work, Psych
Jung’s Model of the Psyche!
Jung's model of the psyche / Sacred Geometry <3
a red gate in the middle of snow covered trees
Passport Photos Online for Free - ID, Visa Photos — PhotoGov
a man standing in the middle of a lush green park next to flowers and trees
Monk tending zen garden, Shisen-do temple, Kyoto
Monk tending zen garden, Shisen-do temple, Kyoto
a building with snow on the ground and mountains in the background, reflecting water at its base
Architecture - Places of Worship - Kyoto
a man walking across a grass covered field next to rocks and plants in the shape of spirals
京都市東山区の東福寺で24日、本坊庭園が1939年に完成した当時の砂紋を再現する作業が、報道陣に公開された。 本坊庭園は、昭和初期の代表的な作庭家・重森三玲(みれい)の作品で、6日に国の名勝に指定された。コケや砂で表現する四つの枯山水庭園からなり、植え込みを市松模様に配置するなど、独創的なデザインで知られる。
snow covers the ground and rocks in front of a building with an intricate spiral design
重森三玲の庭・雪景色(大徳寺塔頭・瑞峯院) | 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog
a small garden with rocks and plants in it
Séjour chez les geishas
Small Japanese garden