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a concrete block sitting on top of a purple blanket
Art Concrete: Guest Gallery Hannes Kuehtreiber
four different types of fishing hooks are shown in this screenshot from an instagramtion
Verschluss Mehr
three cardboard boxes with handles are shown
JAANUS / jigokuhozo 地獄ほぞ
A blind tenon joint with wedges "Jigokuhozo" (地獄ほぞ) Japanese traditional wood joint technics "Tsugi-te / Shiguchi" (継手/仕口 - straight joint / angled joint)
an origami paper boat sitting on top of a table
studie in hout by Simon Oud
there is a man sitting on a bench in front of a wall with an advertisement
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I think these ads are very attention grabbing because they are also useful. I think this is a good way to draw people to the ad. I would definitely read an ad that I could stand under or sit on.
the words how to install kerf wall on a pink background
How to install | Kerf Wall
How to install | Kerf Wall
two different types of wooden chairs and one is made out of plywood planks
Christian Desile // bamboo folding chair #productdesign #industrialdesign
an image of a wooden bench with measurements on the bottom, and below it is a line
Pallet Chair
Cas van de Goor | Design: Pallet Chair
two wooden boards with measurements for each piece of wood on top of the board are marked in blue, yellow and green
The World's Oldest, Simplest Chair Design? - Core77
This type of chair was a build project for America's Boy Scouts since the 1930s, though they didn't design it. It's been referred to as a Camping Chair, a Bog Chair, an X-Chair, a Stargazer Chair, a Viking Chair, an African Chair—no one can agree on where the design first