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a black and white drawing of the letter b with sun rays coming out from behind it
a black and white photo of a tattoo on the leg
Alis Kalimero Blog
a white t - shirt with an image of a tree
an advertisement for the berlin design week
the letters and numbers are drawn in black ink on white paper, with different shapes
two tattoos on the legs of people with dragonflies and daisies in their arms
a woman's leg with flowers and dragonflies on it
a person is drawing on paper with markers
two women's wrist tattoos with dragonflies on them
60 Best Small Tattoos for Women
a drawing of a dragonfly sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a pen
a black and white photo of an anchor tattoo
Tattoo uploaded by Claire
I quite like this design
a woman's back with a fish tattoo on her left shoulder and an ornamental design
Tattoo uploaded by Luiza Siqueira