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some kids are doing different things in front of a tv and one is holding a book
EXAMS ARE OVER! YEY WE DID IT! Let me know when you are free and any ideas of what we can do when we catch up! :) xxxxx
some type of art that is on display in front of a white background with the words genius and fun time once again
My Student Teaching Life: Exams Are Over
a black and white drawing with the words it always seems impossible until it's done
make me think
It always seems impossible until it is done. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship
two minion cartoon characters with the caption, they say we learn from our mistakes that's why i'm making as much as possible
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I'm not sure if that will work...
four different polar bears sitting on the ground
[INFJ] - The Venting Thread for INFJs
For all my friends who just finished exams! I understand...
a red squirrel standing on its hind legs and arms up with the caption, vem feriado
funny animals with captions | ... like others hottest Funny Animal Captions Capshunz Feel Like Dancing
an image of disney characters with text that reads i'm free quick ask me to write
Who's Ready For Graduation?
I don't like pinning memes, but an Aladdin reference about no more school? Sold.