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a game board with many different faces and hands on it, including the words body game
Anglais cycle 2 / cycle 3 : JEU « Body game »
the words are written in french and english
Beaucoup d'affiches!
the french language worksheet for children
Fiche de réflexion.pdf
a poem written in french with an image of the sun and clouds above it,
-Chut...comptine pour faire silence
two cards with ladybugs on them in french
Comptines - cycle 1
a red and white sign that says cococcinelle with the words written in french
Nounou Elsa
an image of a rooster with the words la petitte poule rousse
L'histoire de La Petite Poule Rousse
Comptines.net Paroles de Comptines et Berceuses pour enfants et bébés, Musiques enfantines, Jeux, Coloriages
french poster with the words i'm on and two children holding books in their hands
an open book with drawings on it and the words marron written in black ink
☺Arts visuels en maternelle☺
an open book with a drawing of a rabbit holding a leaf in it's hand
Toutes les couleurs - ☺Arts visuels en maternelle☺
Toutes les couleurs - ☺Arts visuels en maternelle☺
a poster with words written in green on it and images of people around the world
Mine de rien !: Le coin des poussins
an art project with red and white paint on the wall, including letters that spell out abcc
Mine de rien !: Le coin des poussins
there are many bags of gummy on the table together and one bag is filled with them
papier journal encre et lettres magazines
there are many books hanging on the back of a cart that is filled with them
La maternelle de Laurène
La maternelle de Laurène : ranger les dessins du matin
Heart Math Facts Straw Pickup Game for ages 4+ ⋆ Raising Dragons