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a cat house made out of felt with flowers on it
Hollywood Kitty Company
a cat sitting on top of a wooden ladder next to a tree stump structure in a garden
outdoor cat enclosure cat house decorations catio ideas for cats animals nursery petting animals art
two purple and green cat toys on carpet next to wall
Hollywood Kitty Company
an animal house with mushrooms on the grass
Creative Pet Design Ideas, Handmade Wool Felt Cat Beds on Etsy
a tree with pink hearts on it in the middle of a room
Hollywood Kitty Company
a water fountain with plants growing out of it
Hollywood Kitty Company
a row of metal discs mounted to the side of a wall next to a wooden floor
Through Bronze Mushrooms and Gilded Cicadas, Xiaojing Yan Links Chinese Legend and Nature — Colossal
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk in front of a tree trunk
a cat sitting on top of a fake tree
25 Times People Made Completely Over-the-Top Decor for Their Pets
a fake tree house made out of moss and flowers
Company built the most magical cat tree for this special needs kitty and I’ve​ never seen anything like it