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a horse with glasses sitting in a sink reading a book that says, when siich im bad schimmel bildet
a giraffe standing next to a lion and an easel
a black and white photo with the words liee fraen, meinn, frei
two monkeys in water with caption saying, walking 8 hours into work later today is going to what the hell be a great day
two cows standing in the middle of an empty road, one is black and white
a wooden stool sitting on top of a cement floor
the silhouette of a horse is shown in front of an image with words that read, verkauff pferd mit taschenlampe
two pictures one with a dinosaur and the other with a sign that says bauhauf
a tree that is in front of a building with the words der flickr dich baum on it
Mein Lieblingsbaum
True Words, Life Quotes, Vida, Frases, Parole, Me Quotes
an image of a cactus with the words fin fokutus in front of it
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