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a long line of words floating in the ocean
For M by Mikko Harvey
an open book with writing on it and a poem written in the bottom right corner
from “invite me” by jasmine mans
two people sitting at a wooden table with wine glasses and camera on top of it
two women are sitting on the floor playing guitars and singing to another woman who is laying down
dream lifestyle
two people sitting on chairs in front of a window looking out at the balcony area
a sticker on the side of a pole that says music so limit biss der bass meinen keeschling kunttenollier
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, did you know what this is?
graffiti written on the side of a white wall next to a parking meter at night
German wall quotes
Graffiti, Drugs, Weed, Drugz, Mood Pics, Stoner Girl, Mood
Art, Chill, Photos, Teenage Dream, Light Academia
a sticker on the side of a pole that says lass mal werdernwer wir sein wollen