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Je sors du lit donc ... du calme - Garfield - Café - Gif animé - Gratuit - Le Monde des Gifs
four coffee cups with the words coffee time
Collection Coffee Cup Steam Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 347283443 | Shutterstock | Coffee cup art, Coffee cup tattoo, Coffee tattoos
a sign that says, beaucoup de rien and the words in french
a black cat is jumping up in the air
Blagues et jeux de mots au TOP de l'humour - actualités du Net,référencement efficace sur la longue traîne
a black cat with big eyes and the caption oh tua as dublie mon bisou
petites phrases et grandes pensees
three owls sitting on top of each other with different words in front of their faces
an owl sitting on top of a tree branch with the word airoude written below it
petites phrases et grandes pensees
petites phrases et grandes pensees
a heart - shaped drawing with the words,'vie simplement rire souvennt '
a drawing of a cat with a heart hanging from it's tail and the caption reads, chault avantt cafe
Lever, Frases, Jokes Quotes, Try Quotes
a black and white cat holding a mug with the caption je me suis fattester ma patieree je suis negatif
black and white polka dots with the words tu fasqu dans la vie? je
Tu fais quoi dans la vie ? Je fais de mon mieux... Citation rigolote
a black and white poster with the words suivez vs reves, les connais