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the back cover of a book with spanish text
Vida Familiar
a poem written in spanish with an image of a woman holding a blue umbrella and the words mujer acuario on it
mujer acuario caracteristicas - Pesquisa Google
the words are written in spanish and english
yo sabia que era encantadora pero tampoco para tanto jajajaj
a cartoon character with long blonde hair and green eyes, wearing a purple dress in spanish
Te keda claro?
the words are written in spanish on a black background with pink and white writing,
an image of a man with long hair in the air and text that reads acuario
the words are written in spanish on a blue background with white lettering and an image of a
an image with the words in spanish and english, on top of a gray background
La falsa felicidad de una que otra gente jajajajaja