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an unusual building on top of a hill
an old man standing in front of a large sphere structure that looks like it has been constructed
Hey Silicon Valley—Buckminster Fuller Has a Lot to Teach You
an old black and white photo of stacks of wood
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a black and white photo of a woman shaving a statue with a blow dryer
ArtistStudioBuzz — Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett… In a career spanning...
a woman sitting in a chair with a painting on it's easel next to some plants
Melrose Plantation
a large mickey mouse balloon is being flown by people in the street with other balloons
Thirteenth Floor
SWvsWWII™ Bundle • Series I & II (8 prints)
a man standing in front of a tv holding a guitar
A very young B.B. King, without 'Lucille'.
Suit up.
Diary of a Madman
Suit up.
two people are standing on a ladder near a large tree trunk that has been cut down
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Zulke bomen bestaan niet meer, allemaal gekapt.
an old building made out of multiple windows
(no title)
просто так: shattenbereich
an old photo of a woman dressed in armor and holding a bow with two crows on her head
Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen (1924)
Fritz Lang Die Nibelungen (1924)