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a blue and gold beaded artwork with circles in the center on a black background
a hand holding a black pot with blue and green designs on it
an intricate blue and gold design on black leather
white flowers on a black background seamless floral pattern for fabric, wallpaper or paper
Black and White Poppies Art Print by Color Obsession
a cactus with many colorful flowers on it's head and neck, in front of a black background
From the Studio - Big Poppi Art Studio
a painting of green cactuses with yellow flowers
Cactus acrylic painting
a spiral notebook with green and blue designs on it next to crayon markers
black and white drawing of flowers in the grass
A quick and easy thrift store makeover. Doodling on Ceramic
an open book with colorful flowers and plants painted on the cover, sitting on a wooden surface
Geninne's Art Blog: On Black
Meadow 'on black'
two markers are sitting on top of a black paper with blue and green designs in it
Colorful Mandala and Zentangle Drawings
Geometric Drawings by S. Savadia