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a hand that has some kind of metal object on it
Rage Preview - Id Details A Trio Of Gameplay Offerings In Its Post-Apocalyptic Playhouse - Game Informer
four tires are stacked on top of each other
an off - road vehicle on display in a showroom with black and white checkered flooring
an off road vehicle with four tires on it's flatbed is parked in front of a tall building
Art, Weapons Guns, Knives And Swords, Cool Knives, Bowie Knife, Knife, Crossbow, Pistols
Giant Bowie Knife
a person holding a large knife in their hand
an image of a sci - fi robot that appears to be holding a wrench
FC: Magnopulser, Greg Rassam
ArtStation - FC: Magnopulser, Greg Rassam
Techno, Tactical, Cannon