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four french cards with pictures of animals and words in the middle one has an orange star on
Tic-Tac Bombe… Sens propre et figuré
a bunch of stickers with different types of fruits and vegetables written in french on them
A découvrir - Chez Rubis
a man holding a pig in his right hand and the words poser un lapin on it
Les expressions imagées de la langue française
a diagram with different types of words on it, including one that is in french and the
Le passé composé - Partie I | POURQUOI PAS... EN FRANÇAIS ?
a pink hand with two fingers and the words'c'est mon petit doit quii ma dit
Amélie Falière : Portfolio :Illustrations enfants
an image of man doing different things to his body and head in various poses on the same page
Vers une approche ludique de l’enseignement des expressions idiomatiques en classe de FLE
the words are written in french and english on a piece of paper with yellow writing
Expressions françaises liées au corps
four different cards with the words and pictures on them, including one for each card
Les expression françaises
four different types of french words with pictures on them
Les parties du corps - 27 expressions