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Blue Beach House Art Home Page - Blue Beach House Art by Jenzart Creations
three pineapples in different stages of ripeness, with the same color scheme
Ve el proceso completo: Digital Painting Creature Design Texture Paint Brushes Concept Art Design Sketch Cartoon Realistic Style Visual Development Props Design Textures Photoshop Concept Art Mexico / Brochas de Textura para Pintura digital de Diseño de Criatura Estilo Realista Cartoon Desarrollo Visual Props Pintura Digital Texturas Animation Escuela MST Design School
four cherries with green stems attached to them, all in different positions on a white background
20140110 by ShenyangART on DeviantArt
an orange pepper is shown in four different positions, including the top half and bottom half
The procedure of painting 20120515 by ShenyangART on DeviantArt
an orange is shown with different colors and shapes to describe it's contentment
Strawberry by Fievy on DeviantArt
For more tutorials and other stuff please support me at Patreon For texture i used default photoshop patter "oil pastel light"
an image of bananas in different stages of ripeness
an apple is shown in different stages of development
Cover :3
several pictures of an apple being drawn in different ways
there are many images of apples with different designs on them, including the top one
the different shades of strawberries are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how to use
Strawberry Demo by aaronverzatt on DeviantArt
Strawberry Demo by aaronverzatt