Polymer clay crafts

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two earrings with clouds hanging from them on a table next to dried flowers and paper towels
Clay cloud earrings, gold accented, statement earrings, storm cloud earrings, sunny earrings
a girl standing in front of a mirror with balloons around her and a smiley face on it
three different shaped earrings sitting on top of a white plate
Frog Earrings, Daisy Earrings, Mushroom Earrings, Polymer Clay Earrings, Cute Earrings, Kawaii Earrings, Pastel Color Earrings - Etsy Australia
a wooden table topped with lots of paint and plastic wrapper on top of it
clay art [Video] | Manualidades, Manualidades con arcilla, Manualidades divertidas
three different shaped trays sitting on top of a table
Pink Clay trinket dishes 🎀💗💞🌸