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a bottle of wine sitting next to a white box on a gray background with the word ava in black and red
40 Creative Wine Label Designs | Inspirationfeed
a bottle of wine with a label tied to it's cap and neckline
LAR DE MAÍA on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
three coffee cups with lids and handles on white background - food objects objects clippings
Coffee Cup Holder
Coffee Cup Holder #Coffee, #Cup, #Holder
a black bottle with gold lines on it
Origami Beverage Branding
Vin Grace Wine Packaging
a wine bottle in a cardboard box with a ribbon tied around the top and inside
Cardboard Bottle Carrier
This carrier solves the need for better visibility of the product being in the packaging on a store's shelf but also during its transportation. The design gives prestige to the product and thanks to the durable construction material offers safety at bottl…
a person is holding a wine bottle on top of a cardboard board
Oh! "Circular bottle packaging"
Oh! "Embalaje botella Circular" en Behance More
a bottle that is sitting on top of a table with scissors in the shape of an x
DRENOVKA on Behance