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an old tree in the middle of a forest
21 arbres qui ressemblent à autre chose et vont vous faire vous retourner.
N° 5 – Un rare arbre très chaud. - Publicité - N° 6 – Cet arbre ressemble à un Ent. ×
a tree with its roots exposed in the ground
Archives des nature - 2Tout2Rien
an old tree with a face carved into it
L’olivier Pensant – Italie -
L’olivier Pensant – Italie
an image of a painting with people in it
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Expressionism | Friedrichstrasse © Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner / Bridgeman Art Library ...
a painting of a woman in an orange dress
Woman in Pink - Chaim Soutine
Woman in Pink - Chaim Soutine
an oil painting of some kind of fish
Still Life with Fish, c.1921 - Chaim Soutine -
Still Life with Fish - Chaim Soutine
a painting of a man riding a bull on a yellow background with black and white stripes
The Greats in the Galleries | The New York Sun
Chaim Soutines Brace of Pheasants (c. 1926)
a painting of a white house with red shutters on the windows and trees around it
chaim soutine
a painting of trees in the middle of a field
Chaim Soutine (Russ. 1893-1943), Trees at Auxerre, circa 1939, oil on canvas, 73 cm x 60 cm, private collection
a painting of a man sitting in a chair
tous les tableaux correspondant à ce mot-clé.
Chaim Soutine - Le petit pâtissier
a painting of a woman in green shirt and red skirt sitting on a chair with her hands behind her back
chaim soutine woman in green
an image of a painting that looks like it is going down the road with red carpet
escalier rouge. Cagnes
an abstract painting with yellow and green colors
Chaim Soutine: Street at Cagnes (La Gaude) c.1923