it's a big big world

Each travel is a new novel about the life that was mine for a while. Simple things, touristic places, cafés and people around - the best way to get lost and…
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several boats floating in the water with mountains in the background
Oysters farm in Montenegro 🇲🇪
🦪 🥂
a lake surrounded by mountains with snow on the tops
Georgia 🇬🇪
On the way to Gudauri 🏔️
a ferris wheel lit up at night in front of a building with people walking around
Kyiv eye watching endless Winter #Ukraine
a white horse is standing behind a fence
Lonely horse looking at its shadow. Unforgettable warmth of Tenerife.
many boats are docked in the water with blue skies and white clouds above them on a sunny day
It's all about pano
a forest with lots of trees and moss growing on the ground in front of it
Magic forest of Yaremche, Ukraine
the mountains are covered in clouds and green grass
On the top Carpathian mountains, Ukraine. Hoverla, 2,061 metres (6,762 ft). Nothing compares to mountains adventure :)
the reflection of a red double decker bus in front of a building with a dome
Travelling is all about reflections. St. Paul's Cathedral, London
there is a fountain with a statue in front of the bridge and people standing around it
Tower Bridge and Girl with a Dolphin Fountain Statue at Dusk, London
the large ferris wheel is very high up in the sky
London Eye experience. No filter. Grey sky, sweet blue times
a cup of hot chocolate next to a glass of water on top of a wooden table
Coffee in Istanbul