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a fake human skull sitting on top of a red object
matteo pugliese - a prisão do corpo humano
Matteo Pugliese - A prisão do corpo humano
a sculpture of a human head made out of wood sticks and other things in it
They're very weird. And VERY wonderful.
They're very weird. And VERY wonderful. | 25 Stunning Sculptures Made From Recycled Toys. Preview before showing in class.
an ice - covered wave is shown in this image
the statue is made from wood and has beads around it's neck, hands and feet
Om Namo Shivaya
an intricately carved skull is shown against a black background
Ancient art ... Scary one as well ...
a piece of art made out of honeycombs
two sculptures made out of red and white paper on the ground, one is shaped like an elephant
Wooden Textiles – Travailler le bois comme un tissu…