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a kitchen with three stools next to a counter and some lights hanging from the ceiling
Tendances cuisine : 8 idées déco à adopter en 2022
Tendances cuisine : 8 idées déco à adopter en 2022 #cuisine #cuisinedeco #cuisinedesign #cuisinemoderne #decoration #amenagementinterieur #renovation #cuisinecontemporaine #cuisinedesign #tendances #inspirations #inspirationcuisine
a kitchen with an island and stools next to the counter top in front of a brick wall
Pin by Moni Ka on Kuchnia marzeń | Home interior design, Kitchen interior design modern, Interior design kitchen
Pin by Johanna Esteban on domek nasz | Kitchen design decor, Kitchen inspiration design, Modern kitchen interiors
a black refrigerator freezer sitting inside of a kitchen next to a counter with stools
Inspiratie: 5x industriële accenten aanbrengen in je interieur
a golden globe with many different types of clocks on it
TABLE CLOCK WITH MECHANICAL ARMILLARY SPHERE. : Armillary sphere clock; verge escapement with balance; going and striking-trains with fusees; movement housed within fixed central terrestrial globe and, besides driving the sphere, shows the hours on a dial above the sphere, which is rotated by the clock once in a sidereal day; representations of sun and moon are carried on curved arms and rotate once in a mean solar and once in a lunar day respectively; armillary sphere has usual rings of the...
a cake shaped like a train with popcorn in it's mouth and flowers on top
Steam locomotive cake, with popcorn billowing from the stack
a model ship is on display in a museum
a table topped with lots of cupcakes and a model ship
Maison Georges Larnicol
Maison Georges Larnicol | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a violin sculpture sitting on top of a black pedestal in front of a white wall
Le Salon du Chocolat accueille la finale du World Chocolate Masters