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a quote on wine that says i'm looking for a wine that pairs well with pretending to like football
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an image of some people sitting on a couch with the caption all i ask is that you wait until after st patrick's day if you happen to be planning my intention
All I ask is that you wait until after St. Patrick's Day if you happen to be planning my intervention
two people running with the caption st patrick's day is like valentines day for people who love jameson and bad decisions
St. Patricks day is like Valentines day for people who love Jameson and bad decisions. Like us.
the quote if you look closely at the circles around a mother's eyes, you can count how many years she's lived without sleep
a pink background with the words been feeling a little moody and run down recently so i
a quote from mom who is about to jump rope in the air with her head circumference since you were born
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a white background with text that reads, feel guilt about throwing your kids artwork away just gift it to a grandpa and make them do it follow me for more
a tweet that reads if you enjoy the mood in your house going from calm to shitshow in less than 3 seconds, i cannot recommend
a sign on the side of a building that says roses are red violets are blue vodka is cheaper than dinner for two
12 Love Poems For Women Who Think Romance Is BULLSH*T
the words you will meet 10 types of moms at your kid's school i'm currently avoiding 8 of them
a card that says, i don't know what's tighter our teams or our friendship?
Funny Missing You Best Friend Card
a card with the words, once upon a time there was an old person it was you
That Card Shop | Unique and Amusing Cards for Every Occasion
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160 Funny Quotes About Life To Keep You Laughing
the words hakuna ma voda it means no memories sticker on a white background
a text message written in black on a pink background that reads, nothing makes me as happy as listening to the sweet sound of my husband trying not to lose his mind while
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the text reads,'ain't no party like a mom - friend party because a
15 Memes About Making Mom Friends That Are Hilariously Relatable
the instructions for how to cook a turkey
Maple Glazed Turkey and Other Easy Thanksgiving Recipes – Erica R. Buteau
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These Are The Funniest Parenting Memes From 2019 So Far
a pair of orange boots sitting on top of leaves in the woods with a quote above it
67 Fall & PSL Memes that Will Make You Laugh
a black and white photo with a quote on it
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
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Bah ha ha!!!! 😆
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a woman drinking out of a cup with the caption, this is my cup of f
Unofficial DT Meme and Jokes Thread
two men shaking hands with the caption i have been in forests less shady than you
A redneck is a complex version of a hillbilly !
a woman sitting on top of a machine with the words i always feel so much more attractive
a blackboard with writing on it that says, i hope those mosquitoes are enjoying my blood alcohol level as much as i am
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the words are written in black and white on a light pink background that says, therapy you saw the red flags though, right? me i thought it was a carnival
a chalkboard sign that says we have beer as cold as your ex girlfriend's heart
100 Of The Funniest Bar & Cafe Chalkboard Signs Ever
a sign on the sidewalk that says carrots may improve your vision, but alcohol will double it
23 Funny Sidewalk Signs for Your Daily Affirmation | Team Jimmy Joe
a sign on the sidewalk that says hugband day care center
a sign on the sidewalk that says if you didn't drink how would your friends know you love them?
16 hilarious Scottish pub signs | Scotsman Food and Drink