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three statues of jesus and mary with long hair
an image of the virgin mary with swords in her hands and stars around her neck
black and white photograph of the statue of liberty holding seven crosses in her hands with eyes closed
Mater Dolorosa
a mannequin wearing a veil and headdress
Virgen Sevillana
a statue of the virgin mary wearing a crown
I am at fault, at fault, I asked you to be human—I am no needier than other people. - Louise Glück, from Matins in “The Wild Iris”
an image of the virgin mary holding a cross
a man with chains around his face and cross on his nose
Spécialiste des rituels vaudou de retour d'affectif et de richesse rapide en Afrique précisément au bénin
a black and white photo of jesus with the crown of thorns on his head
black and white photograph of a man holding a hammer
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the face of jesus with crown of thorns on his head and nails in his hair
My heart aches with sorrow...
the painting depicts an angel kneeling over a man who is holding his head in his hands
De si jolies choses...
the face of jesus wearing a crown of thorns with his hands on his chest
Les Bottines de Lili
Cristo, (detalle) de Velazquez- Ecce Homo--- "For this slight momentary… Plus