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an electronic device with green and gold parts
a green and white object sitting on top of a metal wire holder with two wires attached to it
a woman standing in front of a window with her hands on her hips wearing a blue dress
a woman in a pink and green sari is standing near a cabinet with clothes on it
two young boys standing next to each other on top of a soccer field with balls
So I forgot my ⚽️ shoes in Mom's car & Coach is p.o'd at me... big deal!
a woman with her hand on her chin and wearing a black hoodie is posing for the camera
jikko on Instagram: “خاله سحر هستم با چند از دوستم پایه ای هستی فقط بزنگ سحر 09054354256مهسا09055318918”
a man is bending over to look at something on the ground with a hose in his hand
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a close up of a person wearing a turban and looking at the camera
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