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a woman with red hair laying on the ground next to an old camera and other items
red flowers are in a black vase with water
a close up of a piece of bread with strawberries on it and the words strawberry morning toast
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xiaohongshu ID: zhouxj0324 Eye Make Up, Inspiration, Harajuku, Kawaii, Asian Girl, Ulzzang Girl, Japan Icon
xiaohongshu ID: zhouxj0324
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a woman sitting at a table eating food with palm trees in the back ground behind her
a drawing of a woman wearing a hat with her head tilted to the side and looking up
an illustration of a woman wearing a hat
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a woman with white hair and glasses looking off to the side, in front of a blue background
a woman wearing glasses and a white shirt
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a woman with long braids looking down at her cell phone in front of some flowers
a close up of a woman wearing a necklace with an anchor and heart on it
೨ৎ ⊹ 🖇️🐇 ᰔᩚ