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an old woman with sunglasses and a flower in her hair, has the words my body needs a refresh button
My body needs a refresh button
My body needs a refresh button "More like a reset to factory state, like a computer does" ! -patsy powell
an image of a woman with sunglasses saying don't brother trying to figure me out i'm my own unique brand of wrapped & twisted
random thoughts for Tuesday December 3rd, 2013
a woman laying in a chair next to a man with a box on his lap
Maxine - Young at heart, old everywhere else.
a cartoon depicting a cat and a woman on a couch with the caption crabby road
Bits And Pieces Photo: Crabby Granny
On a seperate sheet of paper, use the Oblique drawing to answer the numbered circles on the Multi-View drawing.
an older woman holding a cell phone next to a dog
Twinkies and Ho-Hos may be a thing of the past, but the world will always have plenty of Ding-Dongs.
an older woman looking at her own face in the mirror while she's wearing sunglasses
Maxine4 - (none)
Maxine: I don't iron. If I'm not wrinkle-free, why should my clothes be?
an old woman is eating some food on the couch with her dog, and she says my idea of doing curls is eating the cheese kind
Maxine6 - (none)
This one if for one of my friends who needs to hear this right now. Love ya! You know who you are.
an old man sitting on a couch with his legs crossed and the caption reads, now that i'm older thought it was great that i seemed to have more patience
Flutterinn - How to Make Money
Quotes From Maxine About Aging | Background: Black White Light Blue Light Green Light Purple Light ...
the cartoon shows a man sitting at a desk with a laptop and newspaper in front of him
Maxine 27
2013 ... All That Way For Nothing (20 pieces)
an old woman holding a bowl of food next to a child