Lion King

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the lion king movie poster with many different characters
#disney #lionking #simba #lion #nature
the lion and the mouse wallpapers are all in different colors, shapes, and sizes
Rei Leão
a painting of a man with his eyes closed
the lion king poster for scar
the lion and the mouse are fighting in front of an orange background with flames on it
an image of cats on top of a mountain with the moon in the sky behind them
" Be Prepared "
an animated image of a gorilla in the middle of some green plants and water with trees around it
a lion standing on top of a wooden log in front of a green sky with clouds
the lion king is surrounded by other animated characters
the lion king and his cub sitting in front of a waterfall
Did this painting in art class in high school and wished I would have saved it. I want to make another one soon.