Baвʏ Ɖσℓℓƨ ~ Ғσяɛʌɛя Ƴσʋиɢ

Ɩ нσρɛ Ɩ иɛʌɛя ɢяσω ʋρ!! Ɩ'ʌɛ ℓσʌɛ∂ ∂σℓℓƨ ƨιиcɛ Ɩ ωαƨ α κι∂∂σ & иɛʌɛя ƨтσρρɛ∂! :σ) Ħɛяɛ ʏσʋ ωιℓℓ ғιи∂ ƨσмɛ σғ мʏ ғαʌɛƨ & ℓσтƨ σғ иσƨтαℓɢια ғяσм мʏ ʏσʋтн!! βʋт…
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Blythe A Day May 23/31 Sweet Ride by PistachioLibby, via Flickr

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Яσα∂ Ƭяιρ!

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Δятιƨтιc Яɛи∂ɛяιиɢƨ

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Forest Elf - BID - Gallery 2015 - Antique Lilac

βɛαʋтιғʋℓ Ɔℓσтнɛƨ ғσя βɛαʋтιғʋℓ βαвιɛƨ

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THE ROSE!!!!  oh lord wontcha buy me... Janis Joplin inspired #Blythe #doll
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? ~ ***MADAME MIX***, @ flickr  "OH MY GOSH!!  THIS IS AWESOME!!!!"

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Δℓмσƨт Ғαмσʋƨ 🎬 Яɛα∂ʏ ғσя мʏ cℓσƨɛʋρ Ѧя. ƉɛѦιℓℓɛ

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βℓʏтнɛ ~ Δ Ѧʏяια∂ Ɯαʏƨ 🦋

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βℓʏтнɛ ~ Δʋтʋми ˩ɛαʌɛƨ 🍂

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βℓʏтнɛ ~ βɛ∂∂ʏ~βʏɛ Ƭιмɛ

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blythe doll.

βℓʏтнɛ ~ βℓαяиɛʏ & Ƨнɛиαиιɢαиƨ

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"Stickers..... lovely sticky stickers..... stick them here , stick them there , stick them absolutely everywhere!"

βℓʏтнɛ ~ βσσκιƨн βαвιɛƨ

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I believe I can fly.... I believe I can touch the sky....
Blythe shark hoodie

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ɔʋƨтσмιʓαтισи & Ƥɛяƨσиαℓιʓαтισи ♡

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No need for a hotel said Ted, we'll camp down here in our caravan instead!

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ǥσɛƨ Ɔαмριиɢ ☽

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Retro kitchen
Blythe FEAST!!

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ǥσɛƨ тσ Ƨcнσσℓ

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Peace On Earth. Country Mountain Dress by SugarMountainArt on Etsy

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ħαρρʏ Ɔняιƨтмαƨ

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VOODOO U LOVE? | VOODOO U LOVE? ~ COLLECTION! Looking for lo… | Flickr
Bride of Frankenstein by shepuppy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Stitch by shepuppy | Flickr

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ħɛℓℓσ Ɖαяκиɛƨƨ Ѧʏ Ѳℓ∂ Ғяιɛи∂ ~ Ħαℓℓσωɛɛи

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βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ħιρριɛ Ɔнιcκαƨ ~ βσнɛмιαи βɛвɛƨ ☮️

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4.365 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
💎💖 💖💎さんはInstagramを利用しています:「Jovie lol 😆💗 #blythe #blythedoll #blythepink #blythecustom #blytheoutfit #sheep #lamb #pink #pinkhair #customblythe #dollsofinstagram…」

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ħσℓι∂αʏƨ σғ тнɛ Ƴɛαя

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Made to Order.  Doll Customization will take 6-8 weeks. Custom Blythe Doll Coraline Doll will be carefully packed and travel with shown outfit and shoes.  The doll had the following work done: - changed nose, lips, cheeks and chin - neck joint    - matted skin base - colored with professional artist paints and high quality pastels - covered with several layers MSC UV matte - changed eyelashes - changed four eye chips  - sleepy eyes gaze correction - handmade pullrings with beads
“I needed to get organised, and felt myself inspired . A little ingenuity is all that was required. I threw out all my clothes and shoes they took up too much space, and placed my babies head to toe and snuggled face to face!” . . . . . #headtotoe  #vintage  #teddybear  #whimsical  #shotoniphone  #livethelittlethings  #best_of_illustrations  #kawaii  #storage  #

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Яαιиʏ Ɖαʏƨ & Ѧσи∂αʏƨ

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βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ƨρяιиɢ'ƨ Ƨσиɢ ✿⊱╮

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Blythe  ◉◡◉

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ƨʋммɛятιмɛ Ғʋи ☼

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"Look at the doggies dancing together so dainty and nimble as light as a…
Nutcracker Suite
"Tuck your bottoms in girls.... no frowning... into first position and plié ." | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ƭιиʏ Ɖαиcɛя

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DSC_0011 | by Lindy Dolldreams

βℓʏтнɛ ~ Ɯιитɛя Ɯσи∂ɛяℓαи∂ ❅

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Ryver Rose
Leia Morgan
Emily Anne

Ɖιαииα Єғғиɛя ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜ Δятιƨт

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Ɖɛℓιɢнтғʋℓ Ɖσℓℓғιɛƨ

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SPRINKLES AND PUFFBALLS: Liddle Kiddles: Tiny Little Dolls inside Cool Things
Original 24 Liddle Kiddles

˩ι∂∂ℓɛ Ƙι∂∂ℓɛƨ

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Kell Belle Studio: Paper Dresses and Corset Trousseau
Elizabeth Taylor, Raintree County

Ƥαρɛя Ɖσℓℓƨ

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