Pallet Projects for Kids

Recycled & upcycled pallet ideas & projects to achieve with your kids or for them. Your kids will love you for sure :) More inspiration here…
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the process of building a pallet pool is shown in four different pictures with text overlay
How I Made a Pallet Pool During The Covid-19 Pandemic • 1001 Pallets
Tips for building an 8,000-gallon pallet pool for your kids, family, and their friends. #DiyPalletTutorial, #Garden, #PalletCraftsForKids, #SwimmingPool, #Woodworking #DIYPalletTutorials, #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletProjects, #PalletsintheGarden
two pictures of a child standing in front of a wooden wall with clouds painted on it
Tutorial: Pallet Creative Corner For Your Child (Houses of Holland) • 1001 Pallets
Here is a beautiful design for this little pallet corner! The work made on the boards to make this small city is really a good idea! Love the association with the old ladder shelves too. The Dutch parents have to complete it with cushions and/or table + chair so that their kids enjoy this place! … Read More » #Bedroom, #PalletCorner, #PalletCraftsForKids, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids
four different pictures of people in a small wooden structure with bicycles and children's tricycles
Cabane En Palettes Recyclées / Recycled Pallets Into Cool Hut For Kids • 1001 Pallets
My husband built this cabin for our two daughters. After planting sleepers in the ground like a fence, he realized the incredibly simple frame with pallet planks. The floor consists of recovered rafters and pallet planks. Rafters were also used for the frame, the cover is batten, and cladding walls are also recovered. A mini … Read More » #Garden, #PalletCraftsForKids, #PalletHut, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletSheds,Cabins,HutsPlayho
two pictures side by side, one with a swing and the other with a bench
Children Swing Transformed With Repurposed Pallet • 1001 Pallets
An old child swing transformed into a brand new trending swing with the help of two recycled and painted wooden pallets. Une balancoire d’enfant recup transformée en balancelle tendance à l’aide de deux palettes recyclées et peintes. #Garden, #PalletCraftsForKids, #PalletSwing, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids
a christmas tree made out of white cardboard with red and silver ornaments on it's bottom
Festive, Easy Small Pallet Christmas Tree • 1001 Pallets
I made my Small Pallet Christmas Tree out of a single pallet. We kept it simple by decorating it with garland and two colors of ornaments. What better tree topper than a Christmas hat? I made this decoration from one small pallet. We cut it into a tree shape and painted it white. Next, I … Read More » #PalletChristmasTree, #PalletCraftsForKids, #PalletHolidayDecor, #PalletHolidayTree, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletHomeDécorIdeas
four pictures of different types of kitchen furniture made out of wood pallets and crates
Pallet Educational Play Kitchens • 1001 Pallets
Single and double pallet kitchens for small adults, teaching them about textures, joint play, sharing and mixing. #Art, #Kitchen, #PalletCraftsForKids, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletDesksPalletTables
a small wooden structure with a slide in the grass
Cabane En Palette / Pallet Kids Hut • 1001 Pallets
Kids playhouse made with whole pallets and pallet slats, a toboggan was added for the kids :) Réalisée avec palettes entières et des lattes de palettes. #Garden, #KidsPalletPlayhouse, #PalletHut, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletSheds,Cabins,HutsPlayhouses
a green and yellow bench under a thatched roof in the grass next to trees
Pallet Cubby House • 1001 Pallets
We spent the school holidays dismantling three pallets (and using an entire one) as materials for building this cubby house. Total cost is approximately AU$120 (paint, roofing material, staple gun, screws). It was a great four days working with my dad and my 6 and 9-year-old boys to build this cubby house that the kids … Read More » #Garden, #PalletCraftsForKids, #PalletHouse, #PalletHut, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletSheds,Cabins,Hu
two wooden toys in the grass with text overlay that says pallet kid ideas
Pallet Child Cart • 1001 Pallets
It is a kids cart for playground made of 100% recycled pallet wood. Axes iron pipe and wooden wheels. Se trata de un carro para juegos infantil hecho 100% con madera de pallets. Ejes en caño de hierro y ruedas de madera compenzada. #Cart, #PalletCraftsForKids, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Toys #FunPalletCraftsforKids
several pictures of people making wooden objects out of pallet boards and wood planks
Half-moon Pallet Baby Cradle (Diy Tutorial) • 1001 Pallets
I found this Half-moon Pallet Baby Cradle while browsing Pinterest. However, all I could find were pictures. I couldn’t find any DIY tutorials, so I decided to make one! This half-moon cradle is inspired by “Le Berceau lune d’Heidi” from Crème Anglaise. You can purchase the cradle directly in their e-shop. Half-moon Pallet Baby Cradle … Read More » #Bedroom, #PalletCradle, #PalletCraftsForKids, #RecyclingWoodPallets #DIYPalletTutori
kids'pallet bed / play house plans
Kids Pallet Bed/Playhouse • 1001 Pallets
This child’s bed/play house was clad in reclaimed palletwood #Bedroom, #KidsPalletPlayhouse, #Painted, #PalletBed, #PalletCraftsForKids, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletBeds,PalletHeadboardsFrames
Isabelle and I collaborate in making a wood pencil box. Given that my skills are quite low in this department (she is the expert) I only take care of sourcing the wood and cutting the pieces to size. #DiyPalletTutorial, #PalletBox, #PalletHomeAccessories, #RecyclingWoodPallets #DIYPalletTutorials, #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletBoxesChests Recycled Pallets, Crates, Recycled Pallet, Pallet Boxes
Cutest Video Tutorial Ever: Easy Pallet Pencil Box For Kids • 1001 Pallets
Isabelle and I collaborate in making a wood pencil box. Given that my skills are quite low in this department (she is the expert) I only take care of sourcing the wood and cutting the pieces to size. #DiyPalletTutorial, #PalletBox, #PalletHomeAccessories, #RecyclingWoodPallets #DIYPalletTutorials, #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletBoxesChests
there is a sled with two children on it and the words 8 terriic pallet seeds you can make quickly
8 Terrific Pallet Sleds You Can Make Quickly! • 1001 Pallets
Enjoy the winter and snow with a selection of Pallet Sleds that you can make! Use the sleds for playtime, winter chores, and home decor! Check out these ideas and don’t stay indoors! Get outside with these sleds and make outstanding memories with the family! Pallet Sleds: for decoration, chores, and playtime Create slippery surfaces … Read More » #BestOfPalletProjects, #PalletCraftsForKids #FunPalletCraftsforKids
four different pictures of children's wooden vehicles in various stages of construction and being used as play areas
Idées Détournées En Palettes / Playground Made Of Repurposed Pallets • 1001 Pallets
Achievements by the associations “Idées détournées” and “Palettes du coeur”, furniture made out of recycled pallets for a children’s playground. Réalisations par les associations “Idées détournées” et “Palettes du coeur” de mobiliers en palettes recyclées pour une aire de jeux d’enfants. #PalletCraftsForKids, #Playground, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Toys #FunPalletCraftsforKids
a small wooden shed with plants growing out of it's roof and the words just a simple play shack that i built for my one year old son
Eli's Pallet Shack • 1001 Pallets
Just a simple play shack that I built for my one year old son. #Garden, #KidsPalletPlayhouse, #PalletCraftsForKids, #PalletHut, #RecyclingWoodPallets #FunPalletCraftsforKids, #PalletSheds,Cabins,HutsPlayhouses