Colores, de colores la vida esta hecha!!

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some green plants with purple and grey colors on them, including the same color scheme
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
some leaves are laying on the ground with brown and green colors in them, as well as an ombrephant color scheme
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
a bowl filled with strawberries on top of a table
a living room with green walls and grey furniture in the center, along with plants
Living room idea with color palette
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the color scheme is blue, brown, and white in this photo with lavenders
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
the color scheme is blue, brown and white with some flowers on top of it
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
an article in a magazine with oranges and pinks on the bottom half of it
an advertisement for the spring blue and green paint scheme, with three colors in different shades
JRL Interiors — Color Inspiration to Celebrate Spring
Blue and green spring colors